The Mobile Home Inspection Specialists

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Mobile homes are not the same as regular houses. They are built under a different nationwide HUD building code, have a different type of tie-down foundation, and unique electrical and HVAC systems. Most home inspectors don't know much about them, and some won't even inspect a mobile home.

    If you are buying a used mobile home, don’t have a lot of money, and can’t afford to make a mistake—then it's important to find an inspector that really understands what they are looking at. When you choose McGarry and Madsen to inspect your future manufactured home you get a team inspection by two licensed building contractors and home inspectors, and a detailed report with photos to help you make your buying decision.

    We are mobile home specialists and have evaluated over 1400 manufactured homes in Florida, done extensive research into HUD standards, completed the Mobile Home Installers course offered by the Mobile Home Division of the State of Florida Department of Transportation, and are familiar with the recurring issues in mobile homes as they age.

      You also get our knowledge from a combined 61 years of building construction and inspection experience, and more than 8,000 home inspections since 2002.

Mobile Homes Are Different